Pulmonary Function Testing

We offer complete pulmonary function testing in the office.  Lyle Shier, who performs the pulmonary testing, is credentialed as both a Registered Respiratory Therapist and a Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist.  We use  state of the art equipment and can perform all aspects of pulmonary function testing including Methacholine challenge (an asthma diagnostic test).  The onsite location of the lab,  allows convenient access to the doctors and in many cases, testing can be done on the same day as the doctor’s visit. Lyle, with over 35 years of healthcare experience, is an expert at putting our patients at ease.  He also  is available to answer questions regarding all aspects of pulmonary therapies.  Lyle can be reached through the main office number, 401-724-4040.  Referring doctors can also book pulmonary functions for their patients at the same number.
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Lyle J Shier, RRT, RPFT